Social Responsibility Management System – private standard

SUN CERT standard of social responsibility management sytems is equivalent to the private standard SA 8000. It was issued in order to meet clients’ needs to certify their systems of social responsibility.

ISO standards are issued BY International Organisation of Standardisation, these standards are universally known and have the same name worldwide. In contrast, social responsibility standards that can be certified are issued by independent bodies and they are equivalent and voluntary.

Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2006 regarding the award of the public procurement contracts
says that any requirements stipulated in the specifications must comply with non-discrimination priciple, equal treatment and proportionality; according to the principle of mutual recognition it must be accepted any standard based on the relevant European standards series, certified by independent acredited bodies (acordind to Art. 193 / EO no. 34/2006).

All requirements of SUN CERT social responsibility standard are based on principles of ISO Standard 26000:2001 “Guidance on social responsibility” and Labor Code.

Benefits of implementation and certification of Social Responsibility Management System:

  1. compliance with all legal requirements and stakeholders requirements regardind employee rights at work;
  2. improving connections with the social environment because it promotes employee rights at work;
  3. ncreasing employees motivation.